Poemario I

 Este poema, corresponde a una parte de lo que sera mi novela, y nacio en ingles, pero le faltan los versos finales que nacieron solo en la traduccion, que publicare luego. Disfrutenlos y comenten.
muchas gracias.

Lay of Baalrys and Chaeros Unmarred Love


1.        Heed ye all, people of Cerw Dan, for here begins the Lay

2.        Of Baalrys and Chaeros, the first unmarred and everlasting love,

3.        So pure, that only two deities, ever could’ve onwed, in a feeling, such a blaze.

4.        Baalrys who at first wert enamoured of Heavens, careless, she flew astray,

5.        As the wind, through the first element of Creation, she aimlessly rove

6.        But one day during the” Eridanw*”, the shimmering forest, caught her gaze


7.        Thus she landed, and walked, dazzled her eyes, by the green and its wonders.

8.        Chaeros, who was at work, sensed her, and felt unreasonably pleased, his heart abode

9.        Sister! Glad I am at the time of our encounter! Said he in his centauric debonair,

10.     Speechles recognition arose in her, his majesty, merged her heart in ponders,

11.     A spell, so grand, that both wert caught in fate’s web, a secret spreaded abroad.

12.     Prey to something entirely new, their hearts alighted, in an unknown, way so fair


13.     An unbridled horse, seeking a lake, where to quench its thirst,so vast,

14.     A lake eager to be draught to the dregs, only to satisfy the need, of so noble a beast

15.     As if both wert spawned with no purpose other, and the world… no more,

16.     Than just a scenery, which colourful splendour, fade and turned aghast

17.     Compared to what they perceive now, as a pale image, a grey reflection, the least,

18.     For all the races to comprehend, for only the Gods are to feel, such deep a lore.


19.     Odd as it sounded, this feeling would become the whole of creation’s engine,

20.     A driving force, of such proportions, that even they didn’ t fully at first

21.     Understand, so by chance, the mortal races would yet commit many misdeeds

22.     In the name of such a feeling, where so few, has found good fortune.

23.     In Chaeros’s chest born a flame, spreading through Baalrys’ s breast

24.     She harmonized it with gentle manners, dancing in gracile feet, she did lead.


25.     Wove the wild in him, with her tender sweet temper, swift and soft

26.     As a springtime breeze, honey flavored, interwoven in savage voluptuosity,

27.     Their strenght tarnsformed all of nature in such a way, that none ever dreamed,

28.     Not even those of Baastral nature, if so they were, less could mortals who pondered oft

29.     About the majesty of a romance, that sublime, that odd in its own virtousity,

30.     Eternal bond ‘ tween the primal earth’s life, and the adamantine moon in light rimmed


31.     It is told, that Baalrys gave radiance to the Moon, to honour He, who lighted her soul,

32.     As Chaeros gifted his woods, with fragrant coloured flowers, in the most dazzling variegate

33.     Of forms and beauty, a Moon Garden, sacred land henceforth, a most godly shrine,

34.     To the Dearest of brides, the holiest of loves, the one who none can deceit, let alone break… nor foul

35.     Everlasting, a bond which can’ t be marred, that is present in all of creation; wherever thee navigate

36.     Thou’ ll attest, to the wisdom of this words, wrote in the very fabric of things, thus intertwinwed


37.     In the heart, such a virtue, led astray the poets mind, obliging his wouldbe noble quill,

38.     To depict in shabby mortal words, this unearthly love, which is not to us to describe,

39.     For… In our tongues, there is not, nor will ever be, so high a lexicon, for only Theirs ,

40.     Is the abilityto live and feel so, Chaeros’s flame fill our chest and burns our wits and will.

41.     Baalrys gave to wenches, the gift to mellow and comfort the men’ s heart, to deprive

42.     Us of all worries, but men are steadfast of mind, thus not wise in such loving affairs


43.     So now, let us undertake a journey to the naissance of allmighty, allpresent, love

44.     It is told that Chaeros was of all Baastral, if were one, the most fair

45.     Even in his gigantic assumed form, peach red was his mane, as red as fire,

46.     Tall and strongly built, and his eyes…   Wert embedded in all the hues of the green grove.

47.     Flamboyant, forthcoming, in a charming and savage manner, wert his fathomless stare,

48.     Gallant in his speech, so proprietor of his savagery, thus sober and stern his attire


49.     As well as bold, so gifted was he, that few among his kin could even dare to rival

50.     Oh Lord of the Wild! Gentle and raw is thy heart, that is why of all other, wert to thee

51.     Granted this passion, ere any other being, for only one as thee, can win and render true

52.     The fathoms of thy soul and prevail, majestic creator of so proud and fearless tribal

53.     Race, to thee we do owe, the acceptance of our truest nature, austere and out of glee

54.     Thou instilled in us, the capacity to despoil from our hearts, all that which is rue.

55.     Baalrys, eternal rider of the winds, felt that day compelled somehow,

56.     As by chance, to pass by the Deep Forest realm, she could barely believe her eyes,

57.     Never, ere then, paid she any attention to the mossy greenery, thus she wert caught;

58.     Bewildered, by the shapes, and the capricious games, played by light and shadow.

59.     Frolicing birds atop the trees, shy squirrels and tiny beasts, enjoys the sunrise,

60.     Smooth fragrance from the wet grass, by far perfect, more than She had ever thought

* Eridanw: Lit. Origin, Inspired lapse of time in which the Powers gave Being to Cerw Dan

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